Review: The Soul Mirror by Carol Berg

4 out of 5

This second novel in the Collegia Magica series continues the story begun in The Spirit Lens. It is four years later and despite Duplais and his accomplices efforts in the first book things are not going well. Told from the perspective of Anne de Vernase, daughter of the great traitor, we find that someone is changing the rules of the natural world. Her sister dead, her mother mad, her brother locked away, her father nowhere to be found, Anne has spent the last four years keeping the families home and lands running. Now she is forced to leave her home to become a lady in waiting for the Queen. As with the first book it is difficult to figure out who is worthy of trust and who is not. The mystery takes many twists and turns before coming to a satisfactory ending. As I have said many times before I dislike series that do not allow each novel to have some type of conclusion. This series gives the reader just that. Only two complaints, there is a changing in the known rules of magic that was hinted at in the first book and realized in this one and it feels to convenient. I will not give away more as that would contain spoilers. Second is, again, the cover which is closer to the story this time but still doesn’t really represent the main character. I believe it is the use of real models, not common in fantasy, that gives the impression of a romance novel. I am looking forward to reading the third novel.


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