Review: The Summoner by Gail Z. Martin


1 out of 5

It is not often that I come upon a fantasy novel with this blatantly bad. The Summoner is the first in the Chronicles of the Necromancer series and it is the only one I will be reading. The basic plot revolves around Tris, the second son of a king, who watches as his family is murdered by his older half-brother Jason in order to take over the kingdom. Tris has latent magical powers, no skill as a swordsman, but is much nicer than his older brother. He and an odd assortment of characters go on a quest type journey to get help and find the key to Tris’s powers. The idea of magic that works to help souls that cannot pass over for one reason or another seems intriguing. Unfortunately the writing is just so poor it makes reading this novel a chore. After the first chapter I wanted to give up but forced myself to finish the book hoping that it would improve by the end, it didn’t. The characters are flat and attempts at giving them depth fail. The plot winds and twists in attempts to keep the reader surprised but only succeed in making the novel longer. Part way through we are given one chapter that focuses on Jason and that does add some dimension to the story but then he is completely forgotten about. The only reason I gave it a 1 is the beginning of Kiara’s part of the story is actually better than the rest of the book, not much better but an improvement. The writing has a choppy quality to it and I found myself rewriting sections in my head as I was reading to give them a better flow. I do not recommend this novel to any fan of fantasy.


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