Review: Shadowrise by Tad Williams



4 out of 5

The Shadowmarch series continues with Shadowrise, the third novel in the series. The author notes that he had planned on this being a three novel series but found the third novel was too long so he added a fourth. The stories of the main characters from the first two novels continue. Barrick and Briony are on seperate life changing adventures as the Autarch of Xis continues his voyage to Shadowmarch with it’s King. The Funderlings find unusual allies in their fight to keep the Qar out of their underground city and more is revealed about the strange mirror’s. What I truly love about this series is Williams is able to create a very complex society with a handful of characters. One of my biggest complaints about certain fantasy series’ is too many characters, too many plot lines, making it difficult to keep track of whose who, especially when it can be several years between novels. Williams has managed to keep the side stories relevant to the main characters. My only complaint would be that the growth and changes seen in Barrick are not duplicated in his twin sister Briony. Barrick’s adventures seem to prepare him for the major change he undergoes. Despite all of her hardships and adventures, Briony still comes across as a character that things are done to rather than one who makes decisions that lead to change.


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