Review: City of Dragons by Robin Hobb



5 out of 5

When we last entered Robin Hobb’s wonderful Rain Wilds the dragon keepers and their charges had found the lost city of Kelsingra and this is where City of Dragons begins. The motley group of adventurers have settled in across the river from the city. The river is a major obstacle to visiting the city which they consider to be dead. Yet major surprises are in store for those willing to open themselves up to the city and it’s ghosts. Captain Leftrin has taken his liveship back to the Rain Wilds to collect what they are owed and bring back supplies, all while trying to keep the location of their find a secret. Several characters that were missing from the second novel are brought back. Hest is once more a major character as are the Elderings Reyn, Malta and Malta’s brother. As the fledgling dragons begin their attempts at flying, the original dragons, Tintaglia and Icefyre attempt to survive in the warmer south.  While the Duke of Chaledon is using unthinkable methods to heal himself. By the end of the novel all paths are leading to major confrontations at Kelsingra.

The second novel had put me off a little bit, both character and story development were slow moving much like the river itself. This novel seems to move at a quicker pace with the addition of so many more storylines. It is wonderful to watch as Thymara and her dragon Sinatra come into their own as elderling and dragon. Despite being portrayed as sympathetic characters, Alise and Leftrin, are in for major confrontations with the dragon keepers as they make the adjustments to their roles as elderlings. This novel is such an excellent set up to the final novel, Blood of Dragons,  that I am anxious for its release April 9, 2013.


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