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Review: The Immortal Prince by Jennifer Fallon

5 out of 5

A suicidal immortal, a duke with secrets, a duchess with an education and a world where magic is a myth all add up to a story that pulls you in. Is the immortal prince really immortal or just a con artist using the Tide Lord Tarot to keep from being executed? Is the Duke’s secret really a secret? Can the Duchess truly be happy living with the Duke’s secret? And exactly where does the King’s spymaster fit into it all? Ms. Fallon has created a well developed world with a new form of magic that is very unusual. The Tide Lord Tarot supposedly tells the story of the Tide Lords, immortals whose magical abilities ebb and flow randomly. When at their peak, the immortals are capable of creating great disasters. But it has been a very long time since their powers have peaked, people consider them myths and the Tarot a game for crazy old ladies. Secrets pile upon secrets and keep the story moving forward at a nice pace. An interesting addition are the Crasii. Half human and half animal, they are used as slaves by the humans but have a secret of their own. The Immortal Prince is an excellent beginning to the Tide Lords series.