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Review: Invasion by Mercedes Lackey


2 out of 5

First off this book has 4 actual authors. This was a turn off for me.  Second it’s based on a mmorpg, “City of Heroes.” I decided to read it to compare with several other mmorpg novels I have read. Third there is a CD in the book. That clinched it, I really wanted to see what was on the CD.

Any novel that has 4 writers runs the risk of not being unified and that is the case here. Some parts have well conceived characters and move at a nice pace. Others have very stereotypical characters that grated on my nerves. The sections about Red Djinni and John Murdock are enjoyable. The characters are three dimensional and interesting. The sections with Red Saviour are not so great. Her character is an exaggerated stereotype of a Soviet Communist who dreams of the day when the down trodden workers will rise up against the their oppressors. Added to the very annoying Russian accents these parts do little to add to the story.  To make things even more confusing each chapter is then divided up into smaller sections for different characters. In the first few chapters these sections are small and I assume are supposed to give the feeling of the chaos surrounding the attack. Instead they just felt like teasers.

The plot is based on the game “City of Heroes.” Comparing this to novels such as R.A. Salvatore’s Gauntlgrym is like comparing apples and oranges, their both round but that’s about it. The story line doesn’t even come close to Salvatore’s work. The basic idea is there are people called metahumans who are heroes or villains or just want to be left alone. As they go about their business there is an invasion by super-Nazis. Yes super-Nazis. For some unknown reasons the attack stops and the rest of the novel deals with the effects of this invasion on the U.S. In the end, the climax is out of place. We are not given enough hints to allow the conclusion to be believable.

The only really nice part of this is the CD. It contains over twenty e-books with Lackey listed as the author. None of them sounded familiar but their free. Following the instructions I was able to add all of them to my Kindle. Hopefully I will find the time to read at least one of each series.