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Review: Intrigues by Mercedes Lackey



4 out of 5

Possible spoilers

Intrigues is the second novel in the Collegium Chronicles. Mag’s has saved his friend Bear and helped expose the spies that have infiltrated the Palace but the last words of a madman combined with the visions of the farseers have cast suspicion on the young Herald Trainee. Added to the family problems of both Lydia and Bear the stress starts to get to Mag. It seems impossible for Mag to defend himself against a crime that hasn’t even happened yet. Mag pours himself into his school work, Kirball and spending nights in Haven working with the King’s Own and hopes what that the farseer’s are misinterpreting their visions. Fortunately he is no longer completely alone and with the help of his friends and team he once again diverts a catastrophe.

This novel digs deeper into the family problems of Lydia and Bear and Mag’s own lack of family. Once again the the focus is on the characters with the storyline helping to move their problems along. Very enjoyable story that allows the reader to see just how much Mag has matured.