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Review: Redoubt by Mercedes Lackey



4 out of 5


A main theme throughout the Collegium Chronicles series has been Mags’ mysterious origins. Orphaned in a bandit camp raid he has never been sure just who his parents were and why they were in that camp. This, the fourth book in the series begins to answer these questions. A new group of assassins manages to subdue and kidnap Mags, taking him across the border in to Kardite territory. Confused, his mind speech blocked, Mags still manages to escape. In the process he befriends one of the Kardite red priests, Franse and his Sun Cat, Reaylis. With Reaylis’s help Mags regains his mind speech only to be recaptured. Through the assassins he learns of the country he came from and realizes he much prefers Valdemar.

Lackey gives the reader the opportunity to see just how much Mags has matured and moved past the horrors of his youth by separating him completely from Dallen and forcing him to survive once again on his own. This time though he has well developed skills that allow him to begin to take control of his own destiny. It also allows him to realize just how much he loves and cares for his new family in Valdemar. He is able to trust that they are doing everything to save him while also taking advantage of every means possible to escape. It is unusual for Lackey to continue one character’s story for this many books.  While I am looking forward to the 5th book in the series I hope she is planning on bringing Mags’ story to a conclusion.


Review: Changes by Mercedes Lackey



4 out of 5

Changes continues the story of Mags the Herald-Trainee and his best friends Lydia and Bear as they navigate the world of the Collegium. New assassins have been sent and Mags, spending his nights as a deaf and mute helper in the pawn shop set up by the King’s Own must ferret them out. Mags and the King’s Own daughter Amily are targeted by the assassins while Lydia and Bear are still working through family issues. All this while balancing becoming a Kirball star and his school work while the whole city teeters on madness they think is caused by a heat wave.

My only complaint about this book is the emphasis on Kirball. I tend to get tired of the detailed explanations of each game as they really don’t have a great deal to do with the plot. Otherwise it is an average addition to the series.

Review: Intrigues by Mercedes Lackey



4 out of 5

Possible spoilers

Intrigues is the second novel in the Collegium Chronicles. Mag’s has saved his friend Bear and helped expose the spies that have infiltrated the Palace but the last words of a madman combined with the visions of the farseers have cast suspicion on the young Herald Trainee. Added to the family problems of both Lydia and Bear the stress starts to get to Mag. It seems impossible for Mag to defend himself against a crime that hasn’t even happened yet. Mag pours himself into his school work, Kirball and spending nights in Haven working with the King’s Own and hopes what that the farseer’s are misinterpreting their visions. Fortunately he is no longer completely alone and with the help of his friends and team he once again diverts a catastrophe.

This novel digs deeper into the family problems of Lydia and Bear and Mag’s own lack of family. Once again the the focus is on the characters with the storyline helping to move their problems along. Very enjoyable story that allows the reader to see just how much Mag has matured.

Review: Foundations by Mercedes Lackey



4 out of 5

Possible spoilers

Foundations is the first in Lackey’s The Collegium Chronicles part of her Valdemar series. Chronologically it falls about 50 years after the story in the Last Herald-Mage series and there are many references to Vanyel. This story concerns a very young Mag, a mine slave, chosen by the Companion Dallen. Mag’s upbringing causes him to lack even the most basic social skills or knowledge. Having been raised  with only his literacy to bring to a level slightly above an animal, Dallen is forced to create special shields to protect him and basically force feeds him basic knowledge of the world and it’s people. Dallen also helps him find his two best friends Lydia and Bear keeping him from being a complete outcast. Yet Mag’s upbringing gives him special skills that make him valuable to the King’s Own and the King himself as a spy. These skills allow him to not only break up a spy ring but save his best friend in the process.

Like many of the Valdemar novels the story is told from only one point of view which allows the reader to see the world only through the main characters eyes. While helping develop the main character it does exclude some parts of the story. The fact that the building of the Collegium does not please all of the older Heralds is seen only through Mag’s experiences and I would have liked to have seen it expanded upon. As always the climax is secondary to the characters development and almost slips by. Lackey has created an interesting world and I enjoy watching it’s history being developed. She reminds me of Modesitt in this.  This is an enjoyable addition to the Valdemar series for fans although those new to the Valdemar world might want to start with the Last Herald-Mage series.